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OGASAWARA, Yoshio 小笠原義雄工人 | pot style of Ejiko kokeshi doll- えじここけし | Togatta style 遠刈田系

OGASAWARA, Yoshio 小笠原義雄工人 | pot style of Ejiko kokeshi doll- えじここけし | Togatta style 遠刈田系

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This is a Mushikui Ejiko kokeshi, by OGASAWARA, Yoshio in Miyagi prefecture of Tohoku, Japan. This Ejiko was made from wood, which was eaten by worms. (Mushi means 'worms', Kui is 'eat' in Japanese.)

Usually, kokeshi craftsmen dispose of these damaged woods. But Mr. Ogasawara wondered if he could use these kinds of woods. He tried to remove the worms from the wood. Then he found these interesting patterns from under the wood peel.

He said that making Ejiko pot from the damaged wood is difficult. Because the wood doesn’t have equal thickness to carve and he has to concentrate very much on these eaten holes.

The worms made for unique decoration on the wood. 
In the end, Mr. Ogasawara made the worms take his side.

craftsman: OGASAWARA, Yoshio 小笠原義雄

style: Togatta 遠刈田系
“He was born in Togatta (miyagi prefecture) on January 22, 1936. In 1952, he started making wood turned products, continuing for about five years. At age 20, he began working as a craftsman in Sendai. (the central city of Miyagi) In 1965, Mr. Ogasawara apprenticed with kokeshi artisan, Eiji Asakura, and learned how to paint kokeshi, eventually making his own dolls and becoming the award winning artisan that he is today”. -from his Ogasawara kokeshi shop’s flyer.-

Approx. dimensions

  • height : 9cm / 3.54inch
  • diameter : head 2.5cm / 1inch, body 7.5cm / 3inch
  • weight : 86.5g

Please consider the following :
- Our Kokeshis are painted with water colors, so they can be easily damaged by water. Please use a dry cloth to clean it.
- Our kokeshi are made of wood, so please avoid exposure to direct sunlight or heat. Humidity may damage the kokeshi. Please avoid excess moisture. (especially direct air from the air conditioner damages to the kokeshi dolls.)

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  • 高さ : 約9cm
  • 直径 : 頭2.5cm、胴約7.5cm
  • 重さ : 86.5g





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