Collection: New arrival

Thank you for visiting our shop ‘Shin Crafts’.

 We would like to share some Ejiko kokeshi dolls, both small and huge sizes this month.

 Ejiko is one of the names for cradle in Japanese, which was used while parents were farm working in a rural area. The baskets were mainly made with rice straw, bamboo and wood. The name of ‘ejiko’ is a dialect in Tohoku area. It was called ‘ejiko’, ‘ezuko’, ‘enzuko’ and so on. In some places, ejiko was used for keeping rice warm as well.

We can see this lost custom of ejiko cradles, in kokeshi dolls these days.

 (If you love cats, we also can see the straw ejiko for them outside of Tohoku area. It is called ‘neko chigura’. ‘Neko’ means ‘cat’ and ‘chigura’ is another word for ‘ejiko’. )