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Sumire-violet kokeshi - すみれこけし | Teruyuki HIRAGA- Sakunami style 平賀輝幸工人(作並系)

Sumire-violet kokeshi - すみれこけし | Teruyuki HIRAGA- Sakunami style 平賀輝幸工人(作並系)

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This is a Sumire- violet kokeshi doll, by Teruyuki HIRAGA who is a Sakunami style kokeshi craftsman in Tohoku, Japan.

    This is a fully spring themed kokeshi, not only the patterns on the body also the brilliant hair decoration.

    Craftsman : Teruyuki HIRAGA 平賀輝幸
    Style: Sakunami
    He was born in1972. He started learning to make kokeshi from 1987 under the guidance of his grandfather Kenjiro Hiraga and his father Kenichi Hiraga. Teruyuki is the fourth member of the Hiraga family whose work belongs the HIRAGAKOKESHI- TEN.

    Approx. dimensions

    • Height : 15cm / 5.90inch
    • Diameter : head 6cm / 2.36inch, base 6cm / 2.36inch
    • Weight : 193.5g
    • Finished with lacquer

    Please consider the following :
    - Our Kokeshis are painted with water colors, so they can be easily damaged by water. Please use a dry cloth to clean it.
    - Our kokeshi are made of wood, so please avoid exposure to direct sunlight or heat. Humidity may damage the kokeshi. Please avoid excess moisture. (especially direct air from the air conditioner damages to the kokeshi dolls.)

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    • 高さ : 15cm
    • 直径 : 頭約 6cm、底 6cm
    • 重さ : 193.5g


    1972年 旧宮城町(現仙台市)出身
    2014年 第56回全日本こけしコンクール 内閣総理大臣賞受賞



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