The 66th Zen-Nihon Kokeshi contest

The 66th Zen-Nihon Kokeshi contest

The 66th Zen-Nihon Kokeshi contest will be held from May 3rd to 5th in Shiroishi city of Miyagi prefecture, which is the hometown of Yajio style kokeshi dolls.


You can see 3 categories of Kokeshi contests, which are Traditional, Shingata and Sosaku. The top award is ‘the Prime Minister’s prize’.


On the 3rd and 4th, you can meet and buy kokeshi dolls from 10 invited kokeshi craftspeople directly.


The kokeshi craftspeople are

Naoko HONMA (Tsugaru style, 3rd only)

Fumio MIHARU (Kijiyama style)

Seiichi SUZUKI (Hijiori style)

Keiji TANAKA (Zao-Takayu style)

Teruyuki HIRAGA (Sakunami style)

Yoshinobu KAKIZAWA (Naruko style)

Yoshimi KOYAMA (Togatta style)

Koujyun OOTA (Tsuchiyu style)

Kouji SEYA (Nakanosawa style)

Yumiko SEKINE (Nakanosawa style)


This contest was started in 1959. The event, which is held every Golden Week in Japan (it runs from April 29th to May 5th), is a good chance for kokeshi collectors to see the high quality kokeshi dolls and enjoy kokeshi shopping.



Event name : Zen Nihon kokeshi contest 全日本こけしコンクール

Date : May 3rd to 5th (kokeshi craftspeople 3rd to 4th)

Time : 9am to 4pm (the last day until 3pm)

Address of the venue : Miyagi-ken Shiroishi-shi Takanosu hiagshi 2-1-1

(Takanosu higashi, Shiroishi city in Miyagi prefecture.)

宮城県白石市鷹巣東 2-1-1


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