Sakura season in Japan

Sakura season in Japan

Do you like Sakura-cherry blossom flowers?

If you have been to Japan or researched about our country, you might see a lot of Sakura information.

Sakura is one of the national flowers of Japan and the sakura season is the start of our business and school years. Taking a memorial pictures under the cherry blossom trees is a scenic feature of central Japan. (In Tohoku, which is in the northern part of Japan and crafting area of kokeshi dolls, cherry blossoms bloom a little bit after the start of the new semester.)

There are many famous Sakura places in Japan and we have a ‘sakura zensen’, which means ‘cherry blossom front’, like a weather forecast.

Many people enjoy Ohanami (Sakura party) and stroll under the flowers.

I posted some Sakura pictures that I took in Funaoka city (Miyagi) and Hirosaki (Aomori). Unfortunately, I couldn’t be in Hirosaki in time. I could see the floating petals on the moat. Even after the petals have fallen, they are pleasing to our eyes.


We are always enthralled when Sakura petals are floating in the air.

We would like to share with you the beautiful spring through our Sakura kokeshi dolls.


There were some kokeshi lanterns at Hirosaki station :)

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